Rob Woodall

Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur

Product designer and technologist with a data-driven, user-centered approach

Rob Woodall Designer, Publisher, Developer

What Rob Does

Usability & UX

Rob has a background of over ten years as a User Experience leader and technical architect

  • Functional requirements
  • Product design
  • User reporting strategy
  • Tracking implementation

Data Logistics

Rob has implemented custom dashboards and reports for many different companies

  • Interface development
  • Data integration
  • Dashboards and custom reports
  • Dynamic PDF generation

Digital Marketing

Rob implements growth hacking via traffic arbitrage, email marketing and search optimization

  • Campaign optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media growth
  • Marketing tools

App Development

Rob manages custom software app development, design and analysis of complex business requirements

  • PHP and JavaScript
  • Wordpress development
  • Mobile apps
  • Responsive web

Featured Projects

Products and apps made by Rob as an entreprenuer, with clients, or as partnerships

Work Experience

Rob has over ten years of design and development experience in various roles. He has lead small, focused teams at large enterprises and bigger, broader teams at startups. Most of his recent work has been as a consultant or entrepreneur.

Product Developer, Entrepreneur current

  • Translate complex business requirements into highly usable interfaces/apps for self and clients
  • Published 6 native mobile apps with over 1 million downloads across Android and IOS
  • Solution architecture, product management, sales engineering
  • Growth hacking, social networking marketing, search engine optimization
  • Develop JavaScript/Backbone/Angular, LAMP/Node, Cloud, Wordpress, CSS/LESS, Github, AWS, PHP/Laravel

UX Director at V. Ventures

  • Research and competitive analysis for several high traffic web and app acquisitions
  • Increased revenue generation, user engagement through research, improved UX and design
  • Social media marketing, paid traffic optimization, conversion optimization
  • Quality tested products, wrote user stories and requirements, product management, Jira
  • Developed JS (Backbone, jQuery) predominately on LAMP stacks with various frameworks

Director of User Experience at C2FO

  • Spear-headed a complete product overhaul of an innovative financial services application
  • Prioritized work and implemented UX documentation, front end standards and interaction requirements
  • Improved usability of existing products and worked closely with marketing
  • Product liaison with a remote, agile development team
  • Designed wireframes, application visual mockups and marketing landing pages quickly
  • Developed JS/HTML5/CSS3 front end code for both Node.js and LAMP stacks with Backbone and Grunt

Senior Web Developer at Grantham University

  • Designed, developed and AB tested landing pages to ensure successful enrollment ROI
  • Analyzed and reported web traffic statistics and ensured optimal compatibility for all users
  • Strategic collaboration with marketing executives to deliver high performing PPC campaigns
  • Created and maintained release schedule, managed releases and communicated release notes
  • Identified a problem, designed and developed a third party API integration system to solve it
  • PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and Wordpress development

Principal User Experience Designer at

  • Managed cross-functional front end team made up of 3 or more designers and developers
  • Responsible for front end and UI design quality of entire organization, customer advocate
  • Analyzed marketing data to recommend website and app updates
  • Created wireframes and prototypes of highly usable interfaces based on side by sides, HCI
  • Lead interface developer using HTML, CSS and Javascript in an ASP.NET C# environment

Rob Makes Apps and Leads Teams


  • UX Design pro
  • Balsamiq pro
  • Illustration pro
  • User Interface Design pro
  • Adobe Creative Suite pro
  • Axure


  • HTML5, CSS3, LESS/SASS pro
  • Javascript, Angular, Backbone pro
  • PHP, Wordpress pro
  • MEAN
  • MySQL, Mongo, Postgres
  • Firebase, AWS, Cloud


  • Google Analytics, Mixpanel pro
  • Jira, Bitbucket, Git, QC pro
  • Excel, Tableau pro
  • Charles, Postman
  • Marketing Tools
  • Sublime Text

Soft Skills

  • KPI Execution, Strategy pro
  • PM++, Project Management pro
  • Technical Liason pro
  • SCRUM, Agile pro
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Team Leader

Other Projects

From code widgets, popular websites and top charting mobile apps - Rob made alot of stuff.

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About Me

I have been creating digital experiences since the internet existed. Before that I made newspapers and magazines - even some investigative journalism. Currently, I create products as an entrepreneur, but am always open to exciting new job and gig opportunities.

Rob Woodall Designer, Publisher, Developer
Rob Woodall Designer, Publisher, Developer
Rob Woodall Designer, Publisher, Developer
Rob Woodall Designer, Publisher, Developer

Rob Woodall's eBooks

Written and illustrated by yours truly

Is my search campaign successful?

  • Terminology
  • Strategy
  • Reporting

Is my Wordpress site hackable?

  • Architecture
  • Common exploits
  • Improvements

What's a sprint and why do I need it?

  • Agile development
  • Common architecture
  • Security concerns

Gigs, Jobs, Partnerships

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